We want YOU win the game
while learning & unlearning with you to unleash your strategic thinking capacity!
We believe 20th century successful companies will not be able to sustain their success
in 21th century if they can`t manage to create flexible, resilient and inclusive organizations connected with enabled and empowered teams.

IPacktheFuture is a company dedicated to help organizations achieve better business outcomes through the systematic application of strategic foresight methods.
What is strategic foresight?
Research + Creativity + Data + Intuition = Strategic Foresight
Strategic foresight allows us to mine the external environment for trends and leverage those insights to create maps of the entire emerging landscape.

Meet the team

We are a group of skilled individuals with a global network

Ipek Uzpeder

Future Strategist
Chief Enabling Officer

Stefan Wagener


We know that acting as one brain in a team, unit or organization is not an easy job

Therefore let`s unleash your teams geniality, creativity by increasing its cognitive diversity and performance

    • Analyze the business environment in a future-oriented way to create foresight information for strategic decision making

    • Gain a deeper understanding and offer simplification of complexity in the business environment

    • Exploit opportunities to create future business models, markets, goods and services

    • Build agile and resilient market strategies, product strategies, technology strategies

    • Integrate long- and medium term futures with short to mid-term strategic planning

    • Ease the struggles during pre- and post-merger acqusitions

Our Partners

We work with a select group of companies and consulting services to provide practical solutions and to complement what we do here at IPacktheFuture. We trust these companies / consultants and hope that you will trust them too. Let us know if you'd like an introduction, we are happy to help.