Why we do it

As we see it, businesses suffer from short-term, mid-term, and long-term challenges:

Short-term challenges

Too many fires to fight
Recurring problems defy solution
Long-term improvement doesn't get priority
We don't know if our governance structure provides the results it should
People go along, but don't participate wholeheartedly
Meetings are boring & start late

Mid-term challenges

We tried "team building" ... but it didn't seem to work
Conflicts drag on and we avoid discussing the "real" issues
You know what to do; it's frustrating that others remain unconvinced
Too many projects are either delayed or overrun budget

Long-term challenges

We try to grow, but can't seem to make it happen
We can not see suitable business models
We don't know if our strategy is effective ... we need to know sooner
Change is "the pits" ... we're too slow to adapt